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DMCA Policy for

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) was created to shield creators of content from having their works stolen and published by others online.

The law targets specifically websites whose owners don’t be aware of who has contributed to each piece of content, or that the site is an online platform to upload and publish information.

Our policy is of responding to any infraction notification and to take the appropriate actions.

This Digital Millennium Copyright Act policy applies to the “” website (“Website” or “Service”) and any of its related products and services (collectively, “Services”) and outlines how this Website operator (“Operator”, “we”, “us” or “our”) addresses copyright infringement notifications and how you (“you” or “you’re”) may submit a copyright infringement complaint.

Protecting intellectual property has paramount importance to us, and we request our customers and authorized agents follow the same. Our policy is to quickly respond to any clear notices of suspected copyright infringements that are compliant with the United States Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) in 1998, a copy of which is available on the U.S. Copyright Office website.

The DMCA Policy was developed by using our ToolsPrince DMCA Policy Generator.

Things to think about prior to you submit the copyright complaint

Note that if doubt that the information you’re submitting actually infringes You may want to consult with an attorney prior to making a formal complaint with us.

The DMCA obliges you to disclose the personal details you provide in the notice of copyright infringement. If you’re concerned about privacy concerns regarding the information you provide to us, please contact us.

Notices about infringement

If you’re a copyright owner, or an agent for it If you think that the content available through our Services is infringing your copyrights it is possible to send a copyright infringement notice (“Notification”) by contacting the details listed below in accordance with the DMCA. The Notification must be in compliance with DMCA specifications.

The process of filing a DMCA complaint is the first step of a legal procedure that is pre-determined. The complaint will be assessed to determine its validity, accuracy, and fullness. If the complaint is in compliance with these standards, we will respond. This could include removal or restriction on access to the material that you claim is infringing.

If we restrict or remove access to material or close the account of a user as a result of a notification of an alleged violation or infringement, we will attempt in good faith to reach out to the user for information regarding the removal or limitation of access.

Without restraining any contrary provisions in this Policy the Operator retains the right to not take a decision upon receiving a DMCA copyright violation notification in the event that it does not meet all of the provisions in the DMCA to receive such notifications.

The procedure described in this Policy is not a limitation on our rights to pursue alternative remedies in order to stop suspected violations.

Modifications and changes

We are entitled to change the terms of this Policy and the terms that apply to the website and services at any time, at our sole discretion. In the event that we change it the need to, we will publish a notice on the home page of our website, and we will send an email informing you. We can also send notifications to you through other methods at our own discretion, for example, using the contact details you’ve supplied.

A revised version of the Policy is in effect immediately following the publication of the updated Policy unless stated otherwise. The continued use of the Services and Website following the date of effective the amended Policy (or any other action mentioned at the date) indicates your acceptance of the modifications.

Reporting copyright infringement

If you wish to inform us about the violation of a material or an activity it is suggested that you reach us by email at the address listed below.


Note to allow up to 1 to 2 business hours to receive an email reply.